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MBA Education

Understanding the Accrediting Bodies and Rankings of Best Private MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

24 Apr, 2024

The pursuit of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a metamorphic journey that leads to numerous opportunities at the…

Global.Collaborations and.Exchange.Programs

MBA Education

Understanding Global Collaborations and Exchange Programs in Delhi NCR’s Top Universities for MBA in Business Analytics

4 Apr, 2024

What is the relevance of Global collaborations for students pursuing an MBA Program (Business Analytics) in Delhi NCR?  Firstly we…


MBA Education

Choosing the Right MBA College in Gurugram

4 Apr, 2024

Delhi NCR's several colleges that cater specifically to the award of an MBA degree have different missions and objectives, but most…

Real-World Application

MBA Education

Exploring Colleges Fostering Real-World Application in Business Analytics MBA Programs in Delhi NCR

3 Apr, 2024

In this fast-paced age of high-end technology, it is a matter of minutes before a student can get all his/her…

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MBA Education

Does Industry Experience help in MBA education?

30 Mar, 2024

I was visiting a relative over the last weekend when their neo-graduate son aspiring to get into a B-School asked…


Analytics and AI

Regularization in Machine Learning

22 Mar, 2024

What is regularization and why is it used in machine learning? Let us consider fitting a prediction model for data.…


Analytics and AI

Challenges in Attribution

20 Mar, 2024

All marketers would be keen to understand one or more of the following questions -- how do we know which…


Analytics and AI

Can Analytics Help Spot Value Stocks?

19 Mar, 2024

What are value stocks? A value stock is a stock that trades at a lower price relative to its fundamentals,…


Analytics and AI

Customer Insights from Retail Transactions

18 Mar, 2024

What insights could be unearthed from retail transaction data? This would be of interest to any retailer, or marketer amongst…


Analytics and AI

Can AI based Credit Decisions be Explained?

16 Mar, 2024

The use of AI in business has been moot for a while now. One of the biggest points of debate…


MBA Education

MBA Business Analytics: Blending Creativity with Data

13 Mar, 2024

Business analytics skills are required to analyze and interpret data so that informed decisions can be made both at the…


MBA Education

Which is the most suitable MBA College for you in Gurugram

13 Mar, 2024

Making a career choice can be difficult. Even more difficult can be choosing the college, within a career, especially if…