Centres of Excellence

NorthCap Innovation and Incubation Centre

The NorthCap University’s Incubation & Innovation Centre is dedicated to cultivating the entrepreneurial zeal of aspiring minds at NCU. Their mission is to create a thriving ecosystem that empowers young talents with the tools and resources they need to transform innovative ideas into impactful ventures.


At our Incubation and Innovation Centre, we are committed to fostering creativity and nurturing a business mindset. We offer comprehensive ‘Idea to Company’ support for our talented scholars, guiding them through the journey of turning concepts into successful startup ventures. We place a strong emphasis on the value of embarking on a path of self-reliance and enterprise.


Entrepreneurship is a journey that demands resilience in the face of challenges, a tradition deeply ingrained in The NorthCap University. We are dedicated to nurturing fearless and diligent business graduates who relentlessly pursue their dreams. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, let’s make a positive impact on the global community.


Direct pathway for NCU MBA students for articulating to the MS in organisational leadership programme after completing their first year at NCU. Advantages:


Data-Driven Decision Lab and Learning Resources

A range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled Business and Language labs have been established to facilitate and enhance the learning experience for our School of Business students. Within our educational facilities, we boast a state-of-the-art Data Driven Decision Lab (D3 Lab) equipped with a total of 30 advanced computer systems. These systems are loaded with cutting-edge software applications, including but not limited to IBM, SPSS, Anaconda, Tableau, GNU Cash, K my money, Ledger, Tally, Stock Market Sim, Amos, Mendeley and many more.


These extensive software facilities empower our students to embark on a journey of innovation, creation and skill development within a highly conducive and technologically sophisticated environment.

D3 Lab

The NorthCap University Case Research Centre

The NCU Case Research Centre was inaugurated with a visionary approach aimed at providing students with real-world challenges to explore. This initiative not only encourages them to delve into research problems but also inspires them to make inquiries, unearth discoveries and foster a passion for innovative thinking and creative learning.


Through the establishment of this centre, our primary goal is to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive, experiment, take calculated risks and feel at ease with their unique learning styles in classroom settings. At the core of our mission is the aspiration to empower students to forge connections, accelerate their personal and intellectual growth and surpass their previous boundaries. We aspire to nurture self-awareness and a global perspective among our students, encouraging them to transcend their limitations and flourish in an ever-evolving world.


Smart Classrooms

Our commitment to fostering an optimal learning environment is reflected in our state-of-the-art Smart Classrooms that are meticulously designed to be both inclusive and technologically advanced. Within these innovative spaces, students benefit from an array of cutting-edge facilities including smart whiteboards, LCD projectors and advanced audio systems.


Moreover, we harness the power of specific tools such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), LMS (Learning Management System), Biometrics, MS Teams, and Mercer Mettl to orchestrate seamless classroom operations. These technological assets serve as the backbone of our educational approach, ensuring that students have access to the latest resources and platforms, enabling instructors to deliver engaging and effective lessons.


Beyond their functional aspects, these tools open up a world of possibilities for diversifying the learning process. Instructors can leverage them to introduce interactive and immersive elements into their lessons, making education a more engaging and dynamic experience. By embracing technology in the classroom, we empower our educators to explore creative avenues in their teaching methods, fostering an environment where innovation and learning goes hand in hand.