The two-year full-time management programme by NCU is considered as the best MBA course to be offered by the top School of Management offering this programme at Gurugram. The programme is meticulously designed to develop well-rounded management professionals with “T” shaped skills. The curriculum design of the first year is geared towards providing a broad understanding of the field by using a set of core courses covering all the major management disciplines, some allied areas, and some new-age courses. Students at NCU, a top PGDM private Management school in Delhi/NCR have access to the necessary cutting-edge analytics tools and software essential for hands-on learning experience. At the end of the first year, during the summer, all students go through a mandatory summer internship for a minimum of two months. The foundational classroom sessions during the first year and the industry exposure during the summer internship period together provide the necessary grounding to elevate our students into absorbing depth through specialization courses that are offered as electives during the second year of study. Students could specialize in any two areas out of Finance, HR, Marketing and Operations, based on their individual interests.

Professors of Practice, who come to impart knowledge to students at NCU, the best PGDM School in Delhi/NCR, come from diverse fields of management and bring their vast years of experience into the classroom to impart state-of-the-art and practical management education to our students.

Apart from the regular curriculum a set of hands-on workshops, industry speaker sessions, industry visits, conclaves etc. are also organized to make our students industry-ready, job-worthy or embark on their own entrepreneurial journey.

Industry Visits

Programme Outcomes

Managerial and Leadership Skills

Individual and Teamwork Skills

Business Communication Skills

Principles, Values and Ethics Sensitization

Empathy and Sustainability Consciousness

Socio-Technical Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Creative Thinking Skills

Decision-Making Skills


Experiential Learning

The MBA  provides students with broad exposure to knowledge and skills required to start a career in management, or to launch their own business ventures. The  programme has been designed keeping in mind global benchmarks. 
With the support of our strong Industry-Academia interface, we take feedback from industry leaders to offer relevant, contemporary courses to students so as to equip them better for the future. 
The well-researched curriculum ensures harmony between learning and market needs, which makes experiential learning an integral part of the MBA programme. Students undertake summer internships after completion of the second semester with reputed organisations, thereby gaining experience in real-world scenarios. Industry visits enable students to get a glimpse of what goes on in the industry. 
Senior experts and industry stalwarts are regularly invited to campus to share their expertise in different facets of business and management. 

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